The Transition from the UK to the USA

Without doubt the biggest difference people think about between the UK and the USA, tends to be that the USA is so much warmer than the UK, which in most cases is true from March to November, depending on location. However, unless you live on the south coast, this weather quickly turns extremely cold, colder … Read More

7 reasons to move to America on a sports scholarship

Moving halfway across the world to study is a big deal, and it may be something you haven’t ever considered. However, nearly 4.3 million students worldwide enrol in university-level education outside their home country. So, should you be considering the move across the pond? Today we talk through a couple of the reasons why considering … Read More

The importance of choosing the right university

The most important decision in the scholarship process is choosing the right offer. Sounds obvious but this decision can make or break your whole experience and there are various influences that can affect the decision. Some people may only receive one offer, so the decision may seem easier, but so is the possibility of accepting … Read More