Client Testimonial – Lewis Nohar

Lewis came to us in July of 2020 after leaving Ayr United in Scotland, and we knew from his CV that he was a player that we wanted to work with. We always prefer to meet our players in person, as well as see them play live. This way we can get to know them personally, see their character and also understand their strengths and weaknesses as a player. This way we are in a better position to market them as players to coaches in the USA. Lewis came down to one of our trials at Hyde United FC in early August, where he stood out with his composure, technique, and decision making. He signed with us following the trial, and initially was aiming for August 2021 as his departure date. The opportunity arose for him to start his collegiate career in January, and he jumped at the opportunity. Lewis will be representing Iowa Lakes, who finished the 2019 season ranked no.12 nationally in the NJCAA D1 rankings. See what he had to say about working with us at FiveZero International:

  1. How do you assess working with FiveZero International? I found working with fivezero very easy and reliable, anything I needed or needed help with they were always there to show me what to
  1. What were the pros to working with FiveZero? FiveZero were really quick at answering back any questions or enquiries I had, I also liked how they do there research on you as a player and a person to make sure you go to a school that fits you perfect. They are very honest with things as-well such as prices of things ect, and this is sometimes hard to find.
  1. How contactable were FiveZero? Anytime I text Nathan he would reply in the same hour, and if not certainly the same day. They have various social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook and Instagram where you can drop them a message there or you can even phone Nathan if it was needed. Also Paul is there if you need to email him about costs ect. But in all fivezero were very easy to get a hold of when needed which is always a huge positive.
  1. How smooth did they make the process? The process was actually very smooth, especially for the fact I signed up In august/September time planning to head to the US august 2021 but then had the opportunity to get out in January. I chose to go out in January and we had to get on with things fairly quickly and they kept everything running smooth always checking in on me to see what I needed. The fivezero checklist helped me aswell.
  1. What would you have preferred FiveZero to do differently? To be very honest I don’t think there was anything they could have done different. I’m so delighted with how things went and the school I’m going too. Everything went as well as it could have.
  1. Are you happy with the offers that FiveZero managed to gather? Yes, I’m very happy with the offers I had. That was the hardest part for me picking between the schools. I had various phone calls with Nathan during this time and he just kept reminding me that it was a good thing, and just spoke to me about all my intentions and goals I want to achieve and then eventually I managed to pick the school i wanted to go too.
  1. Would you recommend FiveZero to a friend? Yeah 100%. I’ve already recommended to a few friends, I know they have a lot more boys from Scotland messaging them and following them on there social media’s. But definitely would recommend to anyone.
  1. What would you rate FiveZero out of 5? (5 being the best, 1 being the worst) 5/5

If you think that you have what it takes to compete at the collegiate level in the USA, then send us a message on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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