CoronaVirus – thinking ahead

CORONAVIRUS – Thinking ahead

As COVID-19 continues to change the world before our very eyes, we are all quite naturally concerned with the here-and-now.  Most of us are focussing on ensuring we have sufficient provisions, doing our best not to contract, and certainly not to spread the disease. University students in their thousands will have been concentrating just on getting home.  For some, that will have been more difficult than for others but hopefully all are now safely back.

It is of course completely understandable that these immediate concerns are addressed, but it will quickly become important that we start to focus on the future too.  For those hoping to attend University in a foreign country as a student-athlete, and even those already doing so, here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Assuming that some degree of normality will resume in a relatively short space of time, then those hoping to start University as a student-athlete in 2021 will need to be planning their time now.  The journey is a long one incorporating finding the right University, obtaining the right offer, sitting SAT tests, obtaining Visas etc., etc.  Those that start their planning now can expect to reap the benefits later.
  • Those that have recently had the end of their A-Level or BTEC studies disrupted will now have a clearer view of their end of year grades, which in turn may well affect the level of scholarship offers positively or detrimentally
  • Those already attending Universities abroad as student-athletes and who’s sports participate in Spring National Championships will now likely be awarded an additional year of eligibility
  • Those who’s studies have been interrupted may now find themselves having to complete their academic year via online study.  This very activity requires more self-discipline than having a timetable mapped out for you.

These are difficult and unprecedented times which require much thought in the present.  But these times will pass and those that have thought ahead will be in a much better position for having done so.

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