is NCAA better for me than NAIA & NJCAA?

Probably the most common question we get asked, “is NCAA better for me than NAIA & NJCAA?”. The answer isn’t a generic one. Today our Football Director Nathan Heath joins us to share his thoughts on this popular question. There are numerous factors that are at play when deciding what is the best college for each individual. The NCAA Division 1 is seen as the pinnacle of college sports. However, we advise choosing a school rather than a division. Not everyone is capable academically and/or athletically and/or financially to achieve offers across every division.

First of all, your academic grades will dictate which divisions that you are eligible for. NCAA has the highest academic requirements. Secondly, your athletic ability is subjective, some coaches will want you while others possibly won’t for different reasons. Lastly, most schools have varying scholarship budgets. Some schools are fully funded, some aren’t. Division 3 schools are only able to offer academic scholarships not athletic scholarships.

There are obvious differences between NJCAA v NAIA/NCAA. NJCAA are 2 year schools where you are working towards an associates degree rather than a bachelors. The general path is that after graduating from an NJCAA school you will transfer to a 4 year school (NCAA/NAIA). Also, NCAA schools on average have higher student populations than NAIA schools.

Therefore the answer to ‘Is NCAA better for me than NAIA & NJCAA?’ is a tailored one for each individual, based on, but not exclusive to the following factors:

  • Does the school offer the major subject that you want to study?
  • What are the standard of the academics like at the school?
  • What will my role in the team look like?
  • How successful has the team been?
  • What is the location like?
  • Is the school financially feasible based on the offer made?
  • Will the school give me the exposure that I’m looking for? Amongst many more.

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