Joel Ibanez commits to Copiah lincoln

Versatile midfielder Joel Ibanez has committed to Copiah Lincoln for the 2020 soccer season. We can’t wait to see Joel begin his Journey with Co-Lin, as we expect him to be highly successful during his time in the USA. The Men’s soccer programme at Co-Lin is brand new for the 2020 season and it is exciting that Joel will be a part of that programme, joining players from around the world. The college has also added a brand-new state of the art turf field to the 5,000-seater H.L. Stone Stadium.   

Co-Lin is a community college in Copiah County just outside of Jackson, in the southern state of Mississippi. The Co-Lin soccer coach Tom Cosgrave, had this to say about Joel on the @CO.LINSOCCER Instagram page: “Joel is a very talented Central Midfielder that can influence the game both defensively and going forward. He has excellent vision and a wide range of passing. He is a great addition to the squad for next season.”

After signing with Co-Lin, Joel provided FiveZero with some feedback. Here is what he said when asked what his thoughts were on working with FiveZero, “Very straightforward and efficient, always on hand to help with anything… They have experience working with and playing for colleges both from a parental and athlete perspective. They are easy to work / communicate with and are very helpful. They help out with all the paperwork and do a lot behind the scenes to make everything as easy and smooth as possible for the athlete and their parents. I would 100% recommend FiveZero to a friend, and ratings wise I would give them 5 stars.”

If you or someone that you know of is interested in starting their American journey, or would even just like a conversation about it, then feel free to get in touch with FiveZero International via our contact page, we are happy to help.

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