Adrian & Debbie C - Parents

Since we first engaged with FiveZero through Lewes FC they have been enormously engaging and very informative, open, and honest.  It was clear to see from the beginning that they weren’t going to make false promises to anyone, including our daughter Esmé. It was explained to us that academic ability was as important as footballing ability, and we decided that the opportunity for Esmé to potentially spend her University years overseas in the US by combining the two was too good not to explore further.

All our questions were answered with both patience and expertise that could only come from a team with both parental and also student experience of the entire end to end process. Paul and his team clearly demonstrated that experience, and when Esmé attended her first FiveZero trial at the University of Derby (fantastic facility) we were all immediately hit with the realisation that the opportunity was very real indeed.

Everything at the trial felt so professionally organised, be that from the instructions and feedback given to the players, the quality of the players participating in the trial, the live streaming to the US (by Veo) to one of the FiveZero team, to the smart looking kit that all the players were issued with to wear during the trial.

After the trial, FiveZero offered a Zoom feedback session with us as a family unit rather than just to Esmé herself. Thankfully this was very positive feedback, and despite Esmé not sitting her GCSEs until 2023, we were blown away by her getting the opportunity to sign up in a no-risk environment way before she will be of University or College age. This now means that she very much has something completely awesome to focus her efforts on with regards to longer term education, life experience, travel, and of course football played at such fantastic facilities Stateside. No guarantees, but if ever she needs extra motivation, then she certainly has that now.

We opted for a ‘Gold’ FiveZero package that includes the production of a promotional video compilation, along with the option to receive additional support at the end of Esmé’s freshman year (if required). A little bit of extra reassurance that our daughter will get additional support from experts (rather than emotional parents!) when she is studying and playing thousands of miles away.

FiveZero have been amazing and we would thoroughly recommend anyone to reach out to them to see if they could also be a good fit for you.

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