The World handicap system

From November 2nd of this year Golf in England is about to change, with many countries following suit in early January 2021. The R&A along with The USGA are launching the World Handicap System replacing six different systems used across the globe. The new system is designed to make golf easier to understand and to give all golfers a portable handicap that can be used around the world. 

So what will be different about the new system?

  • Golf Courses will now be given their own course and slope rating to determine how difficult the course is and your handicap will change depending on the rating.
  • Handicaps will now be calculated on 8 best scores from your previous 20 rounds
  • Competitive and recreational scores count towards handicap
  • Must complete 54 holes to gain a handicap
  • Maximum handicap of 54
  • Course and weather conditions will adjust scoring to reflect conditions

The introduction of this new system will enable players from around the world to compete on a fair and equal terms, as players from different countries will be using one system. It will lead to less confusion when competing internationally and could allow nations more opportunity to focus their attention on the development and planning of the game. 

How does this affect student-athletes?

This system should hold potential benefits for student-athletes looking to obtain golf scholarships at Universities in the USA. It will make it easier for US Golf Coaches to assess a players ability without having to worry about the difficulty of the courses, as this will be reflected in the course and slope rating. It will also provide opportunities for those student-athletes to improve their handicap whilst in the USA without having to incur the expense of joining a golf club.

If you are interested in pursuing a golf scholarship at the collegiate level in the USA, then contact us today so that we can schedule a call!

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